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Create an Organization

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On this page

  1. Organization
  2. Pre-requirement
  3. Create organization through the UI
  4. Create organization with a script


CluedIn can support multitenancy (disabled by default).

As such, the first thing you need to do for using CluedIn once installed is to create an organization.


  • A configured SMTP

By default, CluedIn is not shipping with any SMTP servers. You need to setup it before creating your organization.

Emails are transactional emails. You won’t receive marketing email. They are emails to inform you of some important actions that was taken by your users using your CluedIn installation and/or emails used for security check (signup, change password, invitation…)

Visit How to configure SMTP

Create organization through the UI

Visit our sign up URL: https://app.[cluedin-domain]/signup

Organization name MUST be longer than 2 letters

Some name are being reserved by CluedIn. For privacy reasons, this list is kept private. If you have trouble entering your name, contact CluedIn support.

  1. Enter your email
  2. You will receive an email with a link to create your user, click on that click
  3. Follow the process (pick org name, username, password, accept Terms)
  4. You will be redirect to the login page, use the credentials defined in the step above

Create organization with a script

Execute the script ./createOrg.ps1 with the appropriate parameters.