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Hostnames and Addresses

deployment kubernetes dns hostnames

CluedIn is a web application, so users will access it from their browser. The main URL will take the form: https://<app-segment>.<prefix>.<hostname>. CluedIn is a multi-tenant application, so you can have different organizations/units in your company that can use CluedIn with total separation. So in order to use CluedIn you will need to create at least one organization. Each organization gets a different URL: https://<organization>.<prefix>.<hostname>. Since any number of organizations can be created from the application, the recommendation would be to map *.<prefix>.<hostname> to the public IP of the ingress of the cluster.

The <prefix> and <hostname> can be adjusted by changing the helm chart values in the dns section.

  prefix: # defaults to the release name, set to none to disable prefixes.
  hostname: # add the hostname suffix - i.e.