Infrastructure User Entity Type

The Infrastructure User Entity Type is for a Clue where it is ambiguous what the Entity Type of a record is. It is mainly reserved for the following types of Entity Types where you cannot statically set a type:

  • Contact
  • Person
  • Group

You should use this Entity Type when you are not guaranteed that the data your are pulling, represents a Person and you would like CluedIn to do some extra processing to determine it for you. Examples could include:

  • If you have mapped a Birthday of a record into the Core Person Vocabulary and it has a valid Birthday, then CluedIn will change this into a Person from an Infrastructure User.
  • If you have a valid First Name and Last Name then this will be changed into a Person.
  • If a Gender is set then this will change into a Person.
  • If an age is set then this will change into a Person.