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V2.4.0 release has the aim to make the CluedIn platform much more easy to install, debug and maintain. Most of the changes that was brought in are mainly related to deployment and maintenance.


Please follow the How to upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4

1. CluedIn base image

The CluedIn base image are now free of integrations and enrichers.

It means you will only install the integrations you need for your use cases.

2. Structured logging

CluedIn will now uses Serilog in order to produces logs in all level of the platform. It means, CluedIn can now use any sink compatible with it (Seq, Application insights…). See the full list here: Provided Sinks. Contact us if you need one of them configured into your environment.

3. Dynamic UI

The UI will now be much more flexible towards integrations and different type of entities.


The developer writing the integration will now have to provide more metadata in order to be UI compatible. The extra will ensure you have now more control to make the Integration fully working with the CluedIn.UI

Entity type

The entity types can now be ‘configured’ in the CluedIn.UI to ease improve the user experience. CluedIn will ship with some default configuration. For new entities, you will need to use the CluedIn.UI to configure them properly. It is a pure UI/UX concern to ease the recognition of the different entities.

4. Local Deployment

Using the CluedIn Docker Deployment, you can now run the whole CluedIn platform on your machine using a 1 liner.

5. Custom CluedIn Image

Using the //TO ADD CluedIn Platform Deployment Template, you can easily build custom image of CluedIn with the desired Integration and Enrichers.

6. Update Integration and Enricher template

The integration and enricher template have been update to fully support V2.4 and comes with more documentation.

7. New Home screen

The Home screen in the CluedIn.UI has been replaced based on your feedback to be more aligned with you needs.

8. Documentation website

If you are reading this, it means you have find your way to the new CluedIn Documentation.

The CluedIn documentation is an open-source repository, open for collaboration. Feel free to create an issue and/or pull-request with a change if you see any error.