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Mesh Center

manipulation mesh center

The Mesh Center will list all Mesh commands. You can filter your Mesh Center by the source at which it will need to run. Mesh commands can be generated for many reasons, but essentially, this is a list of commands that CluedIn would like to run against the source systems where it originally had retrieved the data.


Mesh Commands do not run automatically, they need to be manually approved or rejected by an Administrator. You will notice that CluedIn also shows an example of the query that will run against the source system and make it easily available to copy this to your clipboard so that you can “Reject” the command in CluedIn and run this command manually in the way you choose to.

It is also important to note that Mesh Commands don’t necessary need to run directly against the source systems i.e. they can be setup in a way to write to a ticketing or support desk application.

Approving or Rejecting a Mesh Command will remove it from the Mesh Center but we will maintain the history of these commands so that you have an audit trail of who ran what commands against source systems.