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ui entities

For data lineage reasons, it is important to be able to show and describe where your data has come from. In CluedIn, you can see this at an entity level, but also at a property level.


This is important for being able to have full trust and audit trail of where a particular value for a particular record has come from. This helps us answer, common lineage questions such as:

  • Why are we showing “Brisbane” as the city for CluedIn Headquarters in our BI tool?
  • Where did we get the information on the annual revenue of Lego from?
  • How many systems do we have that are all reporting that CluedIn has 40 employees?

Your history view can be your guide to show the full audit trail of these questions. You will be able to see where the data came from, what the data was and when it was received (updated, created).