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Adding a new IDataPartProcessor

development processors

This is the first part in the processing stage where you get to inject custom logic into the middle of the CluedIn Processing Pipeline. It runs after some of the critical parts of the inbuilt data processing has run from CluedIn.

using System;
using System.Linq;

using CluedIn.Core;
using CluedIn.Core.Data;
using CluedIn.Core.Data.Parts;
using CluedIn.Core.Data.Vocabularies;
using CluedIn.Core.Processing;

namespace CluedIn.Processing.ContentProcessing
    public class AutoTagProcessor : IDataPartProcessor
        public void Process(ProcessingContext context, IDataPart dataPart, IProcessedEntityMetadataPart processedMetadata)
           processedMetadata.Tags.Add("I made it here");