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Setup Credentials and Application Setup

integration microsoft powerapps dataverse


Enter your Microsoft 365 Credentials in CluedIn Settings.

  1. Visit the CluedIn web application
  2. Navigate to Administration => Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Organization Settings section, where you will find the settings for PowerApps. Input Microsoft Purview credentials
    • Base Url
    • Tenant Id
    • Client Id
    • Client Secret
    • Environment Id
  4. You can find the values for this by navigating to either the PowerApps page or the Power Automate page and checking the Developer Resources information. Developer Resources 1 Developer Resources 2
    • Base Url is the Web API endpoint base URL
    • Environment Id
  5. For Tenant Id, Client Id & Client Secret, you can generate this by navigating to your Azure Active Directory => App registration. Please refer to this link.
    • Tenant Id
    • Client Id
    • Client Secret

Setup Security Roles

The following table lists the minimum role assignment we need to be able to successfully run the PowerApps Connector. Please refer to this link for a detailed explanation of Security roles and privileges.

Entity KeyOrganizationOrganization Organization
System FormOrganizationOrganizationOrganizationOrganization
Custom Control Default ConfigOrganization OrganizationOrganization
Custom Tables    
Connection ReferenceOrganizationOrganizationOrganizationOrganization

Setup Application Users

Upon setting up your App Registration and Security Roles, we need to register it under the Application User. Please refer to this link for more information.