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CluedIn is a Master Data Management platform that helps companies integrate, clean, govern and manage their most important company data.

Developers can use this documentation to:

  • Get CluedIn platform up and running locally.
  • Get CluedIn platform up and running in your own hosting environment.
  • Extend CluedIn functionality to their own external applications
  • Build integrations to connect to data from any source
  • Automate processes to extend CluedIn’s platform at an enterprise scale

Required skills

  • For Installation/Configuration of production environments:
    • Basic understanding of Kubernetes
    • Basic understanding of Docker
    • Basic understanding of Helm charts
    • Experience with Powershell/Bash
    • SSL
    • DNS
  • To extend the main CluedIn platform with all the custom capabilities:
    • Basic knowledge of C#
    • Basic knowledge of Docker


  1. Get Started
  2. Integration