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This document covers the upgrade process from 2024.01 to 2024.03.

We do not support upgrading directly to this version from prior to 2024.01.


  • Access to the helm chart version 2.1.0. You may need to helm repo update to grab the latest.
  • kubectl and helm


Before any upgrade takes place, ensure you have taken a snapshot or backup of all your running PVCs in your AKS cluster. This is very important as databases may be upgraded during this process.

  1. Connect to your cluster via the kubeconfig.
  2. Export your current running helm values file. Keep one for this process, and also keep one as a backup.
  3. In the values file we’ll be working with, update the following properties:

         tag: "2024.03.00"
         type: Recreate
           - name: CluedIn.EventHub
             version: 4.1.0
           - name: CluedIn.Purview
             version: 4.1.0
  4. Apply the values file from your shell by running the following:

     # ${CustomValues} refers to the values file you have amended with the above changes. Please type the full path here.
     helm upgrade cluedin-platform -n cluedin cluedin/cluedin-platform \
         --version 2.1.0 \
         --reuse-values \
         --values ${CustomValues} \
         --wait \
         --timeout 10m0s

    After a few minutes, it should successfully complete.

If there are any issues during the upgrade process, please do not hesitate to reach out to CluedIn support.