CluedIn PaaS


Your Azure Firewall should cover the following:

  • Default AKS functionality – logs and pods should be able to see Kubernetes API Server (as recommended in Outbound network and FQDN rules for AKS clusters).
  • CluedIn resource access – resources needed for the CluedIn installation.
  • CluedIn and custom enrichers - external web endpoints to enrich your data

To do that, add the following rules to your Azure Firewall as described in the table.

AKS and CluedIn resources

Below are the required endpoints for CluedIn to be functional out of the box.

Rule address Port Description 443 CluedIn container registry 443 NuGet packages 443 GitHub artifacts 443 GitHub artifacts 443 CluedIn licensing server
* 443 Grafana chart content 443 Microsoft container registry 443 (Optional) Let’s Encrypt service. Only required if not supplying own certificate

Enricher examples

Below are optional additions to the above and are only required if you use enrichers. Below are two of our common enrichers, but each enricher will have its own endpoint configured. If you require assistance with what endpoint is used for each CluedIn enricher, please reach out to CluedIn support who will be happy to assist.

Enricher name Port Description
CompanyHouse 443 Our companies house enricher will call the endpoint to validate UK based businesses
GoogleMaps 443 The endpoint is called to query an address for correct address formatting and other metadata

Because both enrichers call external addresses, this traffic will leave the Kubernetes cluster and will need to be whitelisted if using CluedIn enrichers or developing your own enrichers that require external endpoints.

If the rules have not been added, the installation may fail.