Golden records

A golden record is an accurate and consolidated representation of a data subject, such as an organization or an employee, derived from multiple sources. A golden record provides a 360-degree view of a data subject, facilitating a deeper understanding of its current state and the reasons behind it.

A golden record is created through a process of data integration, enrichment, cleaning, deduplication, and manual data entry. Each step in the process is registered as a separate element called a data part. A golden record is usually made up of multiple data parts.

The purpose of creating a golden record is to provide a single source of truth, ensuring data consistency, improving data quality, and enabling better decision-making. A golden records serves as a reliable reference point that can be used by different systems, departments, or stakeholders within the organization.

You can find a golden record using search. The golden record details page contains several tabs where you can find all relevant information about a golden record:

  • Overview
  • Properties
  • Relations
  • Pending changes
  • History – here you can view all data parts that make up a golden record.
  • Explain log
  • Topology
  • Hierarchy

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