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We are offering you an in-app experience for Power Apps and Power Automate. Now, you can build your workflows directly in CluedIn or manage your master data directly in Power Apps.


This section describes the benefits of integration with Power Apps and Power Automate.

Power Apps

  • Managing your master data directly in Power Apps (Dataverse) and automatically syncing it with CluedIn via the ingestion endpoint makes it easy to monitor changes in your data. You can quickly see the changes to your data in the CluedIn history.

  • Keeping your golden record synced in the Dataverse table.

CluedIn supports 2 ways of synchronization with Dataverse.

Dataverse CluedIn
Table Name: Customer Entity type: /Customer
  Vocabulary name: Customer
Dataverse   CluedIn    
Colums Data type Vocabulary keys Data type Data mapping
Id Unique Identifier customer.id Guid Origin Entity Code
Name Single line of Text (Primary Column) customer.name Text Display Name
Age Whole Number customer.age Integer  
Birthday Date and Time customer.age DateTime  
Gender Choice customer.email Lookup  
Transaction Lookup customer.transactionId Guid Edge : /Transaction
Email (Key) Single line of text customer.email Text Entity Code

CluedIn uses its streaming engine to sync golden records in CluedIn with your Dataverse tables, and uses its automated ingestion endpoint to sync new data coming in from Dataverse.

Power Automate

Using our Power Automate integrations, CluedIn can generate a customizable approval sequence for accepting or rejecting data that has been modified either from CluedIn to Dataverse or from Dataverse to CluedIn.


The following diagram illustrates how CluedIn interacts with Microsoft Power Platform.


  • 2-way synchronization of Dataverse metadata to CluedIn entity types/vocabularies and vice versa.

  • Keeping the golden record data in the Dataverse platform.

  • Auto-mapping of columns, keys, and relationships.

  • Approval workflow (approved through Teams or Outlook) for data change in the Dataverse table and pushing the data to CluedIn via ingestion endpoint.

  • Approval workflow (approved through Teams or Outlook) during CluedIn clean or manual data entry data processing.

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