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SQL Server

deployment kubernetes sqlserver

On this page

  1. Inside a pod
  2. Custom SQL server (Sql Azure)

Inside a pod

If using SQLServer as a deployment inside the cluster (instead of for example SQLAzure) two secrets will get created. One will contain the password for the SQLServer (which will be a randomly generated password), the other will contain the connection strings that will be consumed by various deployments.

Custom SQL server (Sql Azure)

If you are using your own SQL installation, like SQL Azure, you will need to:

  1. Install the database definitions (DACPACs) to your SQL instance. This can be done from the command line using SqlPackage.exe.

  2. Create a secret with the connection strings for each database. The secret should have the following keys:
      apiVersion: v1
      kind: Secret
     name: my-connection-string-secret
      type: Opaque
     AuthenticationStore: <connection-string>
     BlobStorage: <connection-string>
     ConfigurationStore: <connection-string>
     CluedInEntities: <connection-string>
     TokenStore: <connection-string>
     Training: <connection-string>
     ExternalSearch: <connection-string>
     ML-Logging: <connection-string>
     Metrics: <connection-string>
  3. You should then pass the name of the secret in the values.yaml override file:
     connectionsSecretName: my-connection-string-secret