Data catalog

A data catalog is a collection of metadata that encompasses essential information about the organization, structure, usage, and lineage of data within the system. It comprises vocabularies and vocabulary keys, acting as fundamental building blocks for constructing a comprehensive data model.

The following diagram shows the basic steps of defining a data model in CluedIn.


This section covers the following areas:

  • Modeling approaches – explore the options available for building data models and learn how to use vocabulary key mapping to unify your model across various sources.

  • Vocabularies – learn how to create and manage vocabularies for storing and organizing groups of vocabulary keys.

  • Vocabulary keys – learn how to create and manage vocabulary keys for defining characteristics of golden records.

  • Search the data catalog – learn how to make the process of finding metadata faster and more efficient by using filters.

  • Data types – find reference information about data types that can be used in vocabulary keys.

Table of contents