Enricher reference

In this article, you will find reference information about built-in enrichers in CluedIn.

Enricher Description
Bregg Allows you to get information about Norwegian companies.
Clearbit Allows you to get company-related information. Returns logos, company legal name, and websites.
Companies House Allows you to get information about UK companies. Uses the company name to return public information including registered office address, filing history, and so on.
CVR Allows you to get data from the Danish state’s register of information about businesses.
Duck Duck Go Allows you to get information from the Duck Duck Go search engine. Returns website and general information about the organization.
Gleif Allows you to get information using the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) of an organization.
Google Maps Cleans, standardizes, and enriches international postal addresses with geocoding information. Returns correct information about company address.
Knowledge Graph Allows you to find entities using the Google Knowledge Graph API.
Libpostal Allows you to parse/normalize street addresses around the world using statistical NLP and open data. Returns international street address.
Open Corporates Allows you to get information on all companies worldwide. Returns VAT/TAX number.
PermId Creates a unique reference for any data item.
Vat Layer Allows you to validate and clean EU VAT numbers.
Web Allows you to get information about organizations through their websites.