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Create a Workflow Approval process

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An additional option in creating the workflow is the Approval process. This will enable you to approve a specific action before sending the data into the Ingestion Endpoint Create Workflow Approval process

Approval Connection Id

  • In the textbox above, you need to provide the Approval Connection Id. This Connection Id will allow you to access to create an approval workflow.
  • To generate, navigate to PowerApps => Connection Page on the left navigation panel.
  • Click on the New Connection button. Search and select Approvals Create Approval Connection Id
  • The Connection Id value can be found in the URL when you open the approval connection you’ve created. Create Approval Connection Id

    Approval Connection Content

  • The content of the Approval workflow will compose of Approval Event, Condition, and Yes/No event block.
  • The data will be sent to the HTTP event that is under the Yes Event block if the output of the Approval Event is Approve, otherwise, it will do nothing. Power Automate Workflow Approval Content