Create streams

This feature allows you to automate the creation of export targets and streams.

To automate the creation of export targets and streams

  1. On the navigation pane, go to Administration > Settings, and then find the PowerApps section.

  2. In Create CluedIn Stream, turn on the toggle.

    Create CluedIn Streams

Export targets

Export target will be created automatically using the same credentials from Organization Settings.

CluedIn Export Target


The creation of a stream will depend on the values of Sync Entity Types and Sync Dataverse Tables.

Once the execution of the job is done, from the sample values above, two streams should have been created, one for each of the cluedin_dog and crc12_customer tables.

CluedIn Streams

Each stream will have a certain configuration filtered by entity type.

CluedIn Stream Configuration

It will automatically assign the same export target that was created from the Dataverse connector. Incoming and outgoing edges are set to be exported. All the properties associated with it have been automatically added too.

CluedIn Stream Export Target Configuration


Two notifications can be expected in this job: Stream created and Stream mapping updated.

CluedIn Streams Notifications